Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, or a good read for you, there’s always something new that you can learn from a good beauty book. In this list, we have picked ten of our favourite books that cover all the essentials that every girl needs. Every page of these books is packed full of useful beauty tips, guides and techniques that will show you how make yourself look even more gorgeous. Here’s our list of ten wonderful beauty books every girl should read.

1. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual


This is the definitive guide to makeup by the professional makeup artist Bobbi Brown. There are plenty of, never before seen, tips and ideas, as well as reminders of some of the basics too. Each chapter includes step-by-step instructions, beautiful illustrations and explanatory drawings. This book gives away some of the secrets that only the pros know and it’s a great read for the makeup expert and novice alike.

2. Supermodels’ Beauty Secrets

Former model, Victoria Nixon, shares her secrets on style, makeup, hair and skincare in this amazing guide that includes tips from the likes of Kate Moss, Jerry Hall, and Sophie Dahl. There is advice on everything from, what types of clothes will make you look taller, to how to keep cellulite away. There are also sections on what food to eat and how to choose clothes that will suit your body shape.

3. Your Beauty Mark

Dita Von Teese is the American burlesque dancer and model. In her book, “Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour”, she gives us her own tips on selecting perfume, skin-care, exercise and techniques for creating amazing makeup and bombshell hair styles. There are hundreds of photos and guides all designed to help you make your own beauty mark.

4. The French Beauty Solution

Mathilde Thomas, the cofounder of the French Skincare company Caudalíe, explains some of the natural beauty techniques that she learned growing up in France. She wrote this book after she found how different the American approach to beauty was from the French way of doing things. Her approach to beauty is not a quick fix; it’s more about a relaxed and pleasurable way of life.

5. How to be Beautiful: The Thinking Woman’s Guide

Beauty editor and writer Kathleen Baird-Murray provides a refreshing look at beauty with her great read, How to be Beautiful: The Thinking Woman’s Guide. The book is absolutely packed with information on hairstyles, skin care routines and has tips from some of the world’s best makeup consultants. This is the book for you, if you want to that little bit more special.

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