Learning how to do makeup correctly is both an art and a science. Because of that, some ladies find learning to wield the brushes, eyeshadow pallets, lipsticks, and mascara wands not only difficult, but confusing, as well. It doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of beauty tips and tricks that even those who are new to using makeup can put into use, so that their next look is not only fierce, but flawless. All it takes is following these ten basic rules, and you’ll be turning heads for all to see!

Always Clean Your Brushes

This is something that you’re going to have to be proactive about, but it more than pays off in the long run. Having dirty makeup brushes is never a good thing, and will normally result in streaky or otherwise flawed makeup. For some, you could even risk acne or other problems that will be very noticeable. To keep that from happening, clean your brushes with a mixture of baby shampoo (or any other very mild soap) and warm water. Make sure that you scrub enough to get any grime out of the bristles!

Don’t Forget to Blend

This is something that almost every person who wears makeup has done at least once: Forgetting to blend. Because of the nature of makeup, blending is almost always necessary after applying cosmetics of nearly any kind. So, before you head out, do a quick once over of your face. Are you wearing blush or bronzer? Check to see if it’s caked in one spot. Next, check the area around your face, to be sure that the foundation that you used isn’t forming a solid line there.

Draw Focus on One Feature

For those who are worried about doing a bit too much (especially if they weren’t really a makeup kind of person before), this is an excellent rule to follow. If you’re wanting to pull off a strong, eye-catching style, but also don’t want to look too overdone, then focusing on one feature at a time is a great way to pull it off. Want to rock some wild eyeshadow? Then go neutral on your lips and cheeks. Have a big, pouty, red smile? Go basic everywhere else.

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