The leaves are falling, and the air is chilling. Winter is coming, and it’s only a matter of time before your skin turns rough, dehydrated and uneven. There are a plethora of preventative measures you can take to avoid flaky, dull skin: hydrating, moisturizing, and even purchasing a humidifier for your home. However, for some of us it’s already too late to avoid the inevitable gloom of sad, dry, cold-weather skin. That means it’s time to bring in the big guns: exfoliation! Before you head to Sephora or Lush and drop tons of cash on some skin-refreshing products, why not try a DIY? We’ve put together a list of easy DIY exfoliating scrubs – from the most basic to the extremely luxurious – that you can make at home whenever your skin is in need of a good glow.

The lemon and sugar DIY exfoliating scrub

Because who doesn’t want to smell like a delicious French crepe? This exfoliating concoction is about as simple as it gets, and you probably have all the necessary ingredients on hand. Simple check your cupboards for olive oil, raw sugar (white will do), and fresh lemon juice. If you don’t have these ingredients, you should learn how to adult better. Once you’ve found your ingredients, simply mix, apply, and scrub gently! The sugar will do the exfoliation legwork, while the olive oil gives you skin a deep moisturize. The lemon will add a fresh scent, and has the added bonus of providing a natural bleaching effect – this is great for when you’ve lost your summer tan, and your body hair is looking a little more noticeable than you’d like!

The lavender sugar DIY exfoliating scrub

You may not have the Air Miles saved up quite yet, but no need – this scrub will transport you straight to the lavender fields of Provence. Gather a few springs of fresh or dried lavender, and crush. Combine with sugar, essential lavender oil, and sweet almond oil. Rub the mixture gently to exfoliate, and for some added aromatherapy, drop any extra product into a hot, steamy bath! You can hop in afterwards, close your eyes, and sink into the soothing floral scent. You might even forget that you aren’t in France.

The pumpkin spice DIY exfoliating scrub

Just because you don’t want your skin to be wintery, doesn’t mean your scrub can’t be! A warm, spicy, fragrant exfoliation scrub is the perfect way to embrace the season while keeping a healthy and happy glow to your skin. Plus, you can use the leftover ingredients to bake some delicious treats! You’ll need brown sugar, pumpkin puree, and vitamin E oil, as well as the following spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, cardamom, and ginger. The brown sugar will exfoliate, the vitamin E will heal and moisturize, and even the pumpkin is great for your skin – its enzymes act as a chemical exfoliant, while its antioxidants keep your skin nourished. As an added bonus, you’ll smell like Pumpkin Spice all day – just steer clear of hungry sorority girls!

Rosemary and mint DIY exfoliating scrub

If you’ve ever tried Aveda’s line of rosemary mint hair products, you’ll know that these two fragrances were made for each other. The warm herbal fragrance of Rosemary is a perfect complement to the fresh scent of mint. Take some fresh rosemary, and crush as finely as possible. Chop fresh mint and mix both together with sea salt and olive oil. Scrub yourself down, close your eyes, and pretend you’re at a spa!

The frankincense and orange DIY exfoliating scrub

This one is our all-time favorite, mainly due to the luxurious, spicy scent of frankincense that combines gorgeously with the fresh citrus. Sure, maybe we don’t all have frankincense readily available in the cupboard – but this scrub makes it well worth the purchase! Combine raw sugar, sweet almond oil, frankincense essential oil, and wild orange essential oil. The scent of frankincense is said to have anti-depressant and anti-aging properties, and wild orange is believed to be mood enhancing. Mix all your ingredients together, apply liberally, and enjoy feeling like an ancient queen.

The coffee DIY exfoliating scrub

Is there anything greater than the smell of coffee in the morning? Our caffeine-deprived brains think not. As for the caffeine-deprived among you, this scrub requires very little thinking at all. Combine coffee grinds with honey, coconut oil, and a few drops of vanilla extract. The coffee can help to combat cellulite, and even the smell of coffee has been shown to improve alertness. Honey has tons of great anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and it smells great! For a morning jolt, use this scrub in the shower, and come out feeling refreshed and alert.

The avocado and oatmeal DIY exfoliating scrub

Not only is this scrub nourishing for your skin, it is entirely edible! Win-win, we think. Mash an avocado, and add raw, finely milled oatmeal to your preferred consistency. Oatmeal is great for your skin – it reduces redness and is particular soothing for problems like eczema and rosacea. Avocado is chock full of vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, so it will moisturize you on the inside and the out.

The peppermint sugar DIY exfoliating scrub

It’s also known as the candy cane scrub. Combine some raw sugar, peppermint essential oil, and vanilla extract. If you’d like to fancy things up for the holidays, add a little glitter – because why not? This one is a perfect gift, too – wrap it up in a cute mason jar with some cellophane and a colorful ribbon.

The jasmine and vanilla DIY exfoliating scrub

Botanical, seductive, and fresh! This scrub smells elegant and feminine, and the scent will linger long after you’ve finished exfoliating. Vanilla and jasmine are some of the oldest perfume scents around; they’re both considered intoxicating and are still used as notes in many fragrances today. Combine vanilla extract, coconut oil, jasmine essential oil, and white sugar. Enjoy!

Ginger coconut lemongrass DIY exfoliating scrub

Are you feeling like a refreshing body scrub that transports you straight to Thailand? This one will definitely combat the winter blues. Combine coconut oil (at room temperature or heated), coarsely chopped fresh ginger, sea salt, and lemongrass essential oil.

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