Looking to lose weight? Shedding the pounds is just as much about what you do eat as it is about what you don’t eat. To help you lose weight quicker, we’re going to take a look at 10 foods you should include in your diet.

Okay, so you want to lose weight. You’ve probably drawn up a list of all the foods you need to cut from your diet. But have you replaced them with anything?

More to the point, have you replaced them with the right foods?

All foods are different. They do different things once inside your body. Some are good for us, others are bad. While you’ve got a fair idea of what’s good and bad (such as fruit and bacon), there are lots of foods that have a big question mark over them. Should you eat them or not? Let’s find out by taking a look at 10 foods to include in your diet if you want to lose weight.


Has there ever been a tastier spread than hummus? We’re thinking no!

Hummus is a gift from the Middle Eastern gods. It’s super tasty, and comes stuffed with protein. This means it combats hunger, which keeps you feeling full for longer.

it also regulates blood sugar levels, thereby preventing random bursts of the munchies at annoying times.

Hummus goes a long way, too. Buy a tub of it and spread it on as many veggie wraps as you want. It’s divine!


It’s amazing how few people think of water when they’re trying to lose weight. But it beats the likes of soda (sugar-laden) and coffee (diuretic) and booze (calorific) any day of the week.

Drink more than five glasses of water each day for proper hydration.


Eggs are a funny one. When bad cholesterol hit the headlines in the 1980’s, lots of people ran scared from eggs. But as science has since shown, eggs actually do much more good than harm.

For  start, they don’t negatively impact your blood cholesterol. This means that they aren’t linked to heart attacks.

And if you’re looking to diet and lose weight, eggs should be a mainstay of your shopping list. Why? Because they’re stuffed with good fats and protein, which ensures they keep you feeling full for longer.

What’s more, the creamy yellow egg yolk is rich in all the nutrients you could need at breakfast.

Chicken Breast And Lean Beef

Meat has come under a lot of fire in recent years. Meat-eaters are sticking to their guns, as vegetarians, vegans and so-called health experts claim that too much meat consumption is linked to all kinds of chronic disease, as well as obesity. But while it’s a given that processed meat is a red flag, unprocessed meat is unfairly demonised.

Lean beef and chicken breast in particular are excellent choices if you’re looking to lose weight. They’re rich in protein, which is arguably the most fulfilling macronutrient. Indeed, when it comes to weight loss it’s easily the King of the Nutrients.

Leafy Greens

Thought that what is basically a leaf couldn’t fill you up? Think again!

When we were younger, few of us wanted to eat the leafy greens our mom had sneaked on our plate. She tried – bless her – to get us to eat healthily. But spinach, collards and kale? Our tastebuds just weren’t ready for them.

Now that you’re a bit older, leafy greens are the old friends you need to return to and apologise to. Because they’re about to do you a massive favour as you look to lose weight.

Leafy greens are sparse in carbs and calories, but rich in fibre. This means you can add them to a meal and expect to be filled up in no time at all.

They’re also super rich in nutrients, minerals and antioxidants.

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