You may or may not be aware of this, but viruses fly around in massive numbers all year round. It’s not a must-know fact and it’s somehow depressing. The thing is that sooner or later one of these viruses will catch up with you, giving you a headache or a runny nose that no over-the-counter drops can heal, at least for a day or two. And you would still want to look great during these couple of days, right? Here are ten hacks specially for those annoying sick days.

1. Tinted foundation

Especially in winter, even if you’re not sick you may start looking tired, your skin sallow, with bags under your eyes, simply because of the weather, because you’re not getting enough sun and fresh air. A tinted foundation will lend you that sunny glow from within until warmer days come.

2. Concealer

This one you would have guessed anyway. One of the worst side-effects of a persistent cold is that the area around the nose (at least!) gets reddened, raw and irritated. Until those drops kick in, make sure you moisturise it heavily and then put concealer and/or BB cream on it to hide the redness.

3. Ice for your eyes 

Viral infections of the upper airways are very often accompanied by puffy irritated eyes. To feel and look better, simply put a couple of ice cubes in a plastic bag, them wrap them in a thick towel and place over your eyes for 10 minutes. Take breaks when your eyelids start to feel numb from the cold.

4. Eyedrops 

If you don’t like the ice suggestion or you simply do not have the time for it, use some Visine-type eye drops. These constrict the blood vessels in the eyes and clear them in no time at all. Plus they give you a nice cool feeling for a while.

5. Water

Dehydration is another member of the sick party. Chapped lips, lifeless hair, pale, dry skin are among the most common symptoms. So, make sure your skin gets the hydration it needs — drink water, drink tea, and use your moisturiser more generously than usual until you get better.

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