The art of the perfect Coachella outfit is just that — an art. Sure, it’s not a lifetime’s worth of ballet training or years studying the Impressionists in art school — but there’s still no denying that the best festival looks take some artistic sensibilities, as well as an artist’s ability to take risks. Whether that means finding the perfect shade of lipstick to offset your rainbow leather jacket, pairing the best quirky socks with your fabulous dress, or figuring out the perfect sunglasses to pull it all together, it takes a certain amount of forethought and inspiration.

Speaking of both forethought and inspiration, have you planned your outfits yet? If you’re a little stumped, take a gander at this little gallery of truly next-level Coachella outfits — you might just have your perfect Eureka moment.

This Brocade Crop Top and Sheer SweaterHere’s a classic Coachella outfit, if ever there was one: crop top, high-waisted shorts, crocheted wrap, mirrored shades, the works. It’s eye-catching, fun and practical.

This Plastic Bag-Inspired Halter TopThere’s so much going on here, and it all works so well: the oversized, fire-engine red cat eye sunglasses, the takeout bag-inspired halter, the white pleated skirt, the two necklaces — it’s all awesome.

These Pink Palm Tree SeparatesPastel, palm-tree-printed matching separates are definitely the centerpiece here — but the tinted sunglasses, white high tops and Pippi Longstocking braids make it all sing.

Aluna Francis’ Futuristic All White EnsembleA lot of people go for the whole grungy boho look, but Aluna Francis’ pristine all-white ensemble accessorized with deep purple lipstick packs a unique punch.

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