You’ve applied lipstick countless times in your life. But although you know which tones are right for you, how much do you really know about lipstick? In this article, Beauty and Tips uncovers 20 interesting facts about lipstick.

Lipstick. Lippie. You love it. We do, too. Perhaps you’re a sucker for red lipstick, or maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead on a night out without pink on your lips. We all have our favourite (right now we can’t get enough of nude lipstick). But while you’ve probably got a fair few funny lipstick stories to tell (remember that time you wore purple lipstick?) and know how to work your lippie like a lipstick queen, there are no doubt so many things about this makeup essential that you didn’t know. So sit yourself down, pucker up and read on as you get ready for another night out with your BFF (your lipstick, duh! not an actual human).

Lipstick Has Been Around For Like Forever

Okay, when we say that lipstick has been around forever, we don’t mean that it was one of the elements in the beginning of creation of the universe (although a lipstick comet would be totally amazing now that we think about it). But lipstick has certainly been around for a long, long time. In fact, history’s first ever beauty queen – Cleopatra – was a big fan. Yup, Julius Caesar’s ex-wife was so keen to impress him that she ordered that her slaves mash up some ants and beetles and turn them into lip-smacking lipstick for her. It worked and – allegedly – her rosy lips looked amazing. We just hope she didn’t ever reveal to Julius that he was actually kissing dead ants and beetles. We dread to think what he’d have done to her …

Ancient Egyptian Men Had A Fondness For Lipstick

Having made that quip about Cleo and Julius Caesar, we must also make an important point: It wasn’t just women who applied lipstick in Ancient Egypt. Men had a fondness for it, too. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Roman Emperor Julius ever applied lipstick (and we’re not for one second suggesting that he did). But we’re having great fun picturing a scene in which Cleopatra and Julius argue over who gets to apply the last bit of lipstick before the only tube left in the palace runs out. Chuckles.

The Romans Loved Their Makeup, Too

Roman women had a penchant for makeup. Unlike the Egyptians, who mashed insects to create their beauty products, the Romans made theirs from vermilion, fucus – and lead. As you know, lead is dangerously toxic and can cause severe illnesses and conditions, such as nausea and blindness. It can also cause death. Of course, the Romans didn’t know this. Back then, they still worshipped a deity called Mars. However, wealthy Roman women were well looked after, and had their own cosmetics team to apply their lipstick for them each day. This team – known as cosmatae – also included makeup artists and hair stylists.

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