8 lipstick mistakes you’re probably making


Lipstick is an essential part of any polished outfit. It pulls your whole look together, and makes everyone think you actually tried when, in reality, you probably just hopped out of bed and threw on the pair of jeans you left on the end of your bed last night (or is that just me?).

Lipstick application seems easy enough: you just swipe and go… right? Unfortunately, we’ve all seen it get a little more complicated than that — lipstick on your teeth during a first date, anyone? Read on for the lipstick mistakes you’re probably making during your makeup routine, and how to avoid them.

You’re applying lipstick over chapped lips

Nothing ruins a gorgeous makeup look quite like cracked lipstick. Avoiding chapped lips starts with drinking enough water (researchers say between four and six glasses a day). If hydration doesn’t solve your chapped lip problem, you can try Vaseline, Aquaphor (my personal favorite) or lip balm to smooth your lips before adding lipstick.

You’re not exfoliating

In addition to keeping your lips hydrated, exfoliating before applying lipstick is essential.

Gina Brooke, artistic director for Shu Uemura, told Marie Claire, “to gently banish dead skin cells, use a gentle scrub with moisture.” Exfoliating removes the dead skin, leaving a smooth and moisturized surface for your lip color.

If you’re in a bind, all you need is a little tape and lip balm to mimic the effect of a scrub. Simply wrap the tape around your finger and dab (like you might do to get lint off your clothes), apply the balm and voila! Flakes are gone and you’re ready to apply lipstick.

You’re not using lip liner

If your first mental image of lip liner is the infamous 90’s trend of using lip liner far too many shades darker than lipstick, relax! When done correctly, lip liner is actually an crucial addition to every makeup routine. It “gives you a super-saturated, long-wearing look,” makeup artist and founder of Book Your Look Laramie Glen told Good Housekeeping. This means a longer-lasting lipstick look that won’t bleed or feather out.

For the best look, celebrity makeup artist Ramy Gafni suggests adding lipstick before liner. He told Stylecaster, “The lip liner will go on smoother and more easily, and applying lipstick first enables you to see exactly where you need the lip liner.”

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