It never fails:  You wait and you wait for your hair to grow out, pampering it and keeping it healthy… only to have it break off before it comes close to your desired length. Do you feel stuck with short hair, or doomed to a life of split-end, mass-breakage madness? Don’t worry! There are simple and easy natural remedies for hair growth to release your inner Rapunzel.

Scalp Massage

It sounds simple, but it’s a remedy that many people swear by:  Scalp massage. And it isn’t just an excuse to get your head rubbed, either! There is actual science behind this home remedy. Massaging the scalp, like anywhere else, increases the blood flow to the area. And, sometimes, a lack of blood flow to the area is what is causing a person’s hair to break off or not grow well in the first place. To get the most of this, rub your scalp in small circles, kneading the area gently. Or, better:  Have someone else do it!

Castor Oil

This is another one of fabulous natural remedies for hair growth. For a lot of people, castor oil is associated with disgusting home remedies that great-aunts and grandmothers forced on us. However, there are legitimate reasons to use castor oil! And, luckily enough, growing your hair is one of them. Castor oil works well because it is rich in Vitamin E, the vitamin that really promotes hair growth. It’s also full of omega-3 fatty acids, which also promotes healthy hair. To use this, make a mixture of half castor oil, half base oil. Rub it on your scalp, leave it on for thirty to forty-five minutes, then rinse it out and shampoo.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is truly a home-remedy must-have. So many remedies recommend apple cider vinegar. And that includes ones to help you grow out your hair! This remedy works mainly because of apple cider vinegar’s cleansing and antiseptic properties. It keeps your scalp clean, and can help maintain the pH balance, which helps to promote hair growth. It’s easy, and can be done every time you wash your hair. All you have to do is mix seventy-five milliliters of the vinegar with one liter of water. After washing your hair, use a single cup of this solution to rinse.

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