There isn’t one woman out there who hasn’t experienced some kind of beauty disaster. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it’s a result of making the wrong choices such as following an unflattering trend, using the wrong products, or just waiting too long to take care of a skin or hair problem.

Here are nine beauty tips we wish we had listened to, along with what happens when you don’t. But, every problem has a solution! How many of these faux pas are you guilty of?

See a doctor about excessive underarm sweating

Nothing looks less pretty than soaking wet armpits. But excessive underarm sweating isn’t only embarrassing, it can actually stain your clothing. But, so many people ignore this problem because other than applying an antiperspirant, they don’t know there’s a better way.

It turns out excessive sweating under the arms is a medical condition called severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis. Dr. Sal Nadkarni explained to me that, “Topical medications are available to treat the condition, but most work very poorly to control the excessive sweating. So for years, most people just dealt with the condition by having to grin and bear it. But, now there’s a solution to that embarrassing underarm wetness,” he says, “Botox injected into the armpit area can control the excessive underarm sweating with amazing effectiveness for about six to seven months.” This means a twice-yearly trip to the doctor for Botox injections can provide much needed relief. Problem solved!

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen not only prevents your skin from burning, it also minimizes aging. Dr. Gary Goldenberg, a dermatologist in New York, told me, “Sun exposure is one of the major driving forces for aging.” He elaborated on the consequences of skipping sunscreen, saying, “[The] Skin’s surface becomes mottled and unevenly pigmented — with brown and red spots (called poikiloderma), hyperpigmentation from freckles and photoaging, and melasma (related to sun exposure and hormones). In the dermis, UV exposure causes collagen and elastin fibers to become thinner and in many cases decrease in number and quality. This causes the skin to become dull, loose, and sunken. [Thinning] the subcutaneous fat, UV causes tissue to atrophy, producing loss of volume and normal youthful contour of the face.”

If this doesn’t sound like enough incentive to slather on the sunscreen, Dr. Goldenberg also warned, “In addition to all these changes, chronic sun exposure is the major driving force behind cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions — these growths look unsightly and their removal may leave scars behind.”

Listen to the pros

Lots of women color their hair at home because it’s less expensive and more convenient than going to a salon. But, this doesn’t always lead to the best results. You risk choosing the wrong color, applying it incorrectly, or leaving it on for too brief a time — or worse — way too long.

According to Chelsea Smith, lead colorist for Madison Reed, one of the reasons why home color goes wrong is because women try to make overly ambitious changes. She told me, “Keep it simple! At-home hair color is ideal for touching up grays or going two to three shades darker. It lends multi-dimensional depth and can enhance your natural hair hue with gorgeous warm or cool tones. You can go lighter as well, about 1-2 levels, before needing a more professional touch.”

The Madison Reed hair color brand provides professional help to people coloring their hair at home, through access to licensed, certified colorists via phone, email and even live chat. The Color Crew can take you through the entire process from choosing the right color to applying it. You can even text them pictures!

Tweeze minimally

Blogger and influencer Angelica Monique wishes she would have been more conservative when it came to eyebrow tweezing. “My biggest beauty mistake would have to be over plucking my brows till they were super thin and had gaps where patches of hair were missing,” she says. “It got so bad that when I filled them in using a pencil, it looked like I had just drawn a line with crayon or a felt-tip pen. It was horrible and super embarrassing. As much as I’d like to pretend that was years ago…I’m pretty sure that was just last year.”

Monique definitely learned her lesson, “It took like four months to grow back completely, because I wanted to reshape them and for them to be fuller. It was a tough four months because I had to keep myself from plucking entire brow area, which was super hard!”

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