By now you probably know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are most definitely a couple. After months of keeping their relationship quiet and avoiding the press, they have finally declared their love after a whirlwind romance. Naturally, the whole world is clamoring for details about the relationship between the royal and the humanitarian, but one of the most pressing questions is what Markle’s engagement ring looks like. Here is everything we know about it so far!

She could have had Princess Diana’s sapphire ring

The Daily Star reported that after Princess Diana tragically died in 1997, Harry chose to take her sapphire engagement ring. It’s worth noting that the tabloid spoke with an anonymous source, reportedly close to the royal family, meaning this is unconfirmed. The source said: “After Diana died, the boys both chose a keepsake…. William picked his mum’s Cartier watch, and Harry picked her sapphire and diamond engagement ring.” The source continued, explaining that the brothers agreed that their mother’s ring would go to the brother who got engaged first.

When William became engaged to Kate Middleton, Harry supposedly gave the heirloom to his brother to pass on to his future bride. The iconic ring was not custom made, as is traditional for royal brides, but was selected from a catalog by Diana herself. Had Harry held onto the ring, it would likely be gracing Markle’s finger right now.

Harry designed it himself

While Markle’s sparkler is custom made, Harry didn’t leave it up to the jewelers to design the ring. Instead, it was revealed in an exclusive interview with the BBC that he had designed his future bride’s ring on his own. “It’s beautiful, and he designed it,” said Markle. “It’s incredible.” This incredibly romantic gesture bodes well for the couple’s life together.

It’s yellow gold

Perhaps it’s a good thing that Princess Diana’s engagement ring was given to Kate Middleton. While Markle would no doubt have treasured it, the band of Diana’s ring is made of 18 carat white gold. It’s a lovely ring, but Harry decided to have Markle’s engagement ring made with a yellow gold band, as yellow gold is Meghan’s “favorite.”

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