Eyebrow Tutorial | Finding The Right Brow Shape For Your Face


Since we’re all uniquely made, we have to own our features and make them work! Thankfully, achieving the perfect eyebrows for any face shape is just within reach. I’m not saying it’s easy, but with practice, you’ll get eyebrows on fleek wherever you go and whenever you need to. 

 Square Face Shape

With the square face shape, the angular jaw is prominent. What we want to do is soften the face to contrast the face’s angularity. The perfect eyebrow shape is softly rounded brows. Here, the arc is more curved than pointed. But please be careful, you don’t want to make eyebrows in the shape of rainbows. Start thick and go thinner as you reach the end of the eyebrow.

Round Face Shape

On the contrary, if you have a round face shape, you want to do away with the softness and add more definition. So, the perfect eyebrows for you is an angular brow with a higher arch. This eyebrow shape will help define your facial bone structure, which is often hidden due to the rounded shape of the face.

Long Face Shape

For women with the long face shape, the focus is usually placed on how the face is vertically stretched. Of course, we want to diffuse that and instead, achieve a better balance. So for your eyebrows, the perfect one is an eyebrow that stretches past the corner of the eye. This will create a horizontal effect on the face, thereby balancing the face better. However, please be cautious when extending the eyebrows; avoid dragging it too far as the eyes will appear droopy.

 Heart Face Shape

Those Instagram brows might still be trending, but unfortunately, that’s not the best eyebrow shape for you. For those with the heart face shape, avoiding thick eyebrows is a must because that will just further emphasize the upper part of the face. The perfect eyebrow for you is one that well-manicured and groomed. Makeup pros call it a tight eyebrow, wherein the ultra-polished look will balance the small chin and jawline.

Oval Face Shape

The oval face shape is known to be the well-proportioned face shape, which means it already has the balance it needs. So when it comes to the eyebrows, it’s best to stick with the classic and balanced eyebrows as well, although a slight arc won’t hurt too! So what does it take to get balanced brows? Just three important things: 1) The head of the brows must be aligned with the bridge of the nose, 2) The arch should be two-thirds of the way out, and 3) The tail shouldn’t end lower than the head; must be tapered to give the eye a lift.

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