Finding Your Perfect False Lashes


Eyes: the window to the soul!  What better to dress this window than beautiful, voluminous lashes! Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with perfect eyelashes.  And if you were, you may notice them diminishing over time.

Whether it’s for a super special occasion or a daily confidence boost, “falsies” are quickly becoming a standard addition to the beauty routine.  Not to be confused with the semi-permanent service performed by an aesthetician called eyelash extensions, false lashes are a temporary (as in to be removed within 24 hours) tool to elevate your eye look. Here are some pro tips on choosing the right type of false lashes for your eyes!

Finding False Lashes

The market for false lashes has been a fast-growing one; there are so many brands and so many places to purchase them.  However, they often look different in the box than they do on your eye.  So how do you go about deciding which ones will best suit you?

First you must know that there are a few different types of false lashes:

Full strip lashes are the most common and take the least time for most people to apply.  Lashes lay on one strip to be adhered to the eye.  The downside is that they can look artificial, depending on the band.

Demi strip lashes lay on a shorter band and usually cover only the outer half of the eye – often making them more natural looking, more comfortable and easier for the user to apply.

Individual lashes can come as singles or as flares AKA clusters.  These are the most comfortable form of false lashes for most people, but take the most time to put on.  They can afford you more customization and are the most common used among professional makeup artists.

Within these types of false lashes are differing lengths and styles such as natural, wispy, voluminous, lengthening, dramatic, etc.  Part of choosing your right lash is choosing the style you want to go for – classic and natural, sultry and dramatic, wispy and romantic, professional and so on.

Now let’s get into YOUR eyes and what might be best suited to you.

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