How To Build Self Confidence? 10 Super Effective Tips


Want more confidence so that you’re able to take back control of your life and live it on your terms? In this article, Beauty and Tips present 10 super effective tips on how to build self confidence.

There are two very good things about confidence:

1) Confidence gives you a greater chance of getting what you want. Instead of turning into a shrinking violet at a job interview, you show the hiring manager exactly why they should hire you.

2) Anyone can develop it. All it takes is practice.

It’s easy to think that those people with incredible levels of confidence were born that way. And while some have been naturally confident since they were kids, many of us have had to learn it. Why? Because we knew we had to. How? By following and applying confidence techniques and tips like the ones below.

Picture The Way You Want To Be

Visualisation is such a powerful technique. You can’t really become something unless you first of all picture that something. It’s like when a top athlete takes to the arena. They’ll have pictured themselves winning over and over again before the day finally arrives. Already in their mind they are a winner. They’ve tasted success, felt it, dreamed it, lived it. They’re already there.

People with low confidence are the opposite. They picture all kinds of things going wrong. They picture themselves giving a public speech, and being lost for words. They picture going on a date, and spilling wine all over themselves.

Picture life – and you – the way you want it all to be. As opposed to how you don’t want it to be. Create the feeling of success before it’s happened. It’s one of the most powerful tips on how to to build self confidence.

Be Okay With Failure

Did you know that even confident people fail? They share do! As a matter of fact, confident people fail all the time. Just because someone is confident, it doesn’t mean they’re never going to fail ever again. You might fail, and you need to be okay with that. You need to understand that failing gives us the opportunity to learn how not to do something.

Repeat Positive Affirmations

People who are low on confidence seem to have no problem at all with repeating negative affirmations about themselves: “I look so gross today. I’m such a failure. I’ll never do this.”

Already, they’re losing because affirmations are very powerful things. We start to believe – in fact, we start to become our affirmations.

One of great tips on how to build self confidence is repeating positive affirmations on a daily basis. Convince your brain that you are a strong, talented, confident go-getter of a person who is going to win today.

Get Away From Negativity

Get away from all forms of negativity. If this means shutting down a social media account, ditching a friend or family member, then so be it. It’s time to swap negativity for positivity. Both are infectious, except one can break you while the other can make you.

Remember That The Competition Is No Better Than You Are

Maybe you don’t try to do something because you fear the competition. Maybe you’ve got it into your head that they’re so much better than you are. But are they really? Or is your judgement of your own skills so low that you’re always going to be competing against giants?

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