How to get rid of under eye circles


“Wow, are you okay? You look tired!” We’ve all heard it. That concerned, but slightly offensive question. Yes, everything’s fine, and yes, I am quite tired. As a busy mom of two and entrepreneur, under eye circles have become a part of my daily look, just like yoga pants and top knots.

So I was especially excited to speak with dermatologists and beauty experts about their best tips for ditching those under eye circles.

While I won’t be signing up for surgery any time soon, there are plenty of other easy and cheap ideas for looking more youthful and rejuvenated.

First, it’s helpful to know what’s causing your under eye circles. Once you know the cause, it will be easier to find the right solution.A  New York oculoplastic surgeon  told me those pesky under eye circles are the most common reason patients come to his practice. “The most common causes of under eye circles are protruding under eye fat pads and under eye fat loss or hollowing (also called the tear trough),” he explained. These fat pads can protrude and cast a shadow around the eyes. People who have under eye fat pads usually have them due to genetics. Take a look at your parents and grandparents. If they had dark or protruding under eye circles, that’s most likely where yours are coming from.

Age is always a factor

Unfortunately, if you’re not thrilled with your under eye circles, they’re not going anywhere naturally. They actually worsen as we age. As we get older, we lose fat in our faces. When that happens, the fat pads under our eyes can look more pronounced, making us look even more tired.

“As we age, we lose fat in our face along with bone,” Dr. Jill Waibel, owner of the Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, tells me. “This causes the depression and sunken look in our faces.”

You may have also noticed this effect if you’ve ever lost weight. Losing fat throughout the body means less fat in your face, causing an older appearance.

Focus on prevention

The health and beauty experts I spoke with had a variety of ways to get rid of under eye circles, but they all agreed on one thing: it’s easier to prevent them than to treat them. “The best way to prevent under eye circles is to consistently use a revitalizing eye treatment,” Chalet Cosmetics cofounder Andrea Rodriguez told me. “And of course to be sure to get plenty of rest and drink lots of water.” Rodriguez recommends using an anti-aging cream like Chalet Green Apple Eyes every day. A good eye cream should provide the skin nourishment and moisture it needs to maintain its elasticity.

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