How to Look Younger With Hair | Avoid These 7 Hair Mistakes


Do you want to know how to look younger? Guess what, it’s not just about your skin; your hair can say a lot about your age too. So to avoid looking older than you are, avoid these hair mistakes at all cost!

How to Look Younger: Hair Do’s and Don’ts When Aging

They don’t just say that ‘your hair is your crowning glory’ for no apparent reason. It has become a common adage because it’s the truth. Our hair doesn’t only help frame our face, it also complements our skin and can instantly take years off our age. This is precisely why we need to care for our hair and make sure we style it in a way that can make us look younger. If you want to know how to look younger with your hair, check out these 7 hair mistakes you must avoid!


Mistake #1: Super Long Hair

Long beautiful hair is sexy, but super long hair is crazy! Hair length that goes past the ribs will definitely make you look older. Hence, it’s time to ditch the cat-lady look and opt for a short bob instead. If you’re not fond of really short hair, hair length 1 to 2 inches past the chin is good too. But whatever you do, never go for a hair style that’s shorter in front and longer at the back.


Mistake #2: Long Thin Hair

Don’t get me wrong, I love Meryl Streep, but her hair is obviously thinning with age. Truth is, if your hair starts to thin, long hair isn’t the way to go. It is best to go for short hairstyles, a long bob, or one that has layers and depth.


Mistake #3: Middle Part Hairstyle

The middle part hairstyle is Sarah Jessica Parker’s go-to hairstyle. She really loves parting her hair dead in the center. I’ve seen her do a side part and I think it suits her better. When you’re aging, middle parting and severe side parting can make you look older. Instead, do soft irregular parting and change the part every now and then. This is more flattering. Additionally, having bangs can also make you look younger.


Mistake #4: Very Dark Hair

Angelina Jolie as Salt is an icon to me. I loved her transformation from blond to jet black hair and it was a time I wanted to change my hair color too. But the fact is, very dark hair color will add years to your look. It’s quite evident with Angelina in the photo above. So, what’s the right hair color then? Going up a shade or two from your natural hair color is a good start. However, if you want to add more depth and dimension to your hair, having more than one color is a must. This means having highlights or blending highlights with demi-permanent hair color is key to looking younger.

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