If you are going from black to blonde, here is what you need to know

So, you’ve decided that you want to make a big change and that you want to dye your hair from black to blonde? While going from black to blonde will certainly make a huge difference to your appearance and, it can look absolutely stunning, there are a few practical things that we think you should know before you take the plunge. For a start, it’s not cheap to do, and it will mean that your hair will take a lot more looking after. We don’t want to put you off, but here are ten things you should know before you dye your hair from black to blonde.

The texture of your hair will change

When you bleach your hair, it can completely change the texture of it. How it affects your own hair will depend on what your hair is like now, but you could find that you have to start styling your new blonde hair completely differently. Some people find that bleaching takes the curls out of hair, while others find that their hair has more volume. Just be prepared for these changes when you get your hair dyed blonde.

Be prepared for the jokes

Going from black to blonde is a big change and not everyone you know will think you made a wise choice. What you do with your hair is your own business, but there will inevitably be someone who cracks a stereotypical joke about blondes.

Choose the right blonde for you

Remember that there are many shades of blonde and not all of them will suit you. Talk to a hairstylist before you decide and ask their advice on the best shades of blonde for your skin tone. Get some ideas first, by looking at magazines and then you can take those pictures with you to the stylist.

Have your hair dyed at a salon

There are plenty of do-it-yourself kits for going blonde, but going from black to blonde is a big deal and is best left to the experts. If you don’t want to be wearing a hat for the next six months, it would be advisable to get your hair dyed by a professional. In the very worst scenario, if you did it yourself and you used too much bleach, your hair could fall out.

You may not get the shade you want first time

The process of going from black to blonde is usually done in steps, so don’t expect to come out of the stylist with exactly the shade of blonde that you want, first time. It may take three or four visits to the salon before you get the desired results. If the process is rushed, it could seriously damage your hair.

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