Hot, sunny days are something we all look forward to during the dark, cold winter months but, when those heatwaves do strike and makeup melts and begins to slide down your face, it can start to make you wonder what’s so good about summer after all. You could, of course, stop wearing makeup altogether in the summer, but a lot of people aren’t comfortable with doing that. So, here are ten great tips on how to stop your makeup melting when the weather gets hot.

1. Go light and easy

The first and the most obvious tip, is to cut down on how much makeup you use. You really don’t need as much makeup in the summer, because the sunlight will make your face look brighter anyway, so cut back on how much makeup you apply, choose light makeup, and keep it sheer. Less is definitely best during the summer, and you will feel a lot more comfortable too.

2. Ditch the oil

Stay away from any makeup products that are oil based because they will be the first to run in the hot weather. That means foundation, moisturiser and anything else. Oil based products will make your face sweat and that will make you feel uncomfortable and it will make your makeup melt faster.

3. Tone and blot before you apply any makeup

One of the best ways to stop a makeup meltdown is to prepare your face properly, before you even apply any makeup. Before you use any sunscreen, primer or moisturiser at all, use a toner that has been designed for your skin type and then blot away any excess with a tissue. If you do that, you won’t then be applying makeup over the top of the excess oil that is already present on your skin.

4. Cool it with ice

On the really hot days, if you gently rub an ice cube over your face before you apply your makeup, it will cool down your skin and close up your pores. That will allow makeup to go on a lot smoother and last for much longer. Just rub the ice cube over your skin for a few seconds and then blot your face until it is completely dry.

5. Use oil-free primer

It might not seem to make a lot of sense adding another layer of makeup when the weather is hot, but primer really does help stop makeup melting. Applying primer creates a smooth and solid base on which other makeup products will sit. It helps makeup adhere better to the skin and so stop it sliding off when you get hot.

6. Use waterproof makeup

It’s not just the heat that makes makeup melt; it’s the humidity and your own sweat that will have makeup sliding down your face. You’d normally only associate waterproof formulas with eye makeup, but, if you look around, you can find all kinds of waterproof makeup and it will definitely help stop your makeup running on hot days.

7. Use finishing spray

Makeup artists use finishing spray to help hold makeup in place. They use it after applying concealer and foundation, but before they apply bronzer, blush, eyeshadow or lipstick. They do it in that order because, when things heat up, the very first thing that will melt is foundation so, if you keep that in place, it will help stop the rest of the makeup being affected by the heat and the sweat.

8. Avoid liquid makeup

You should also avoid using liquid makeup and switch to powder base makeup during the summer. Powder will soak up some of the sweat and the oils in your skin, whereas liquid makeup will just become more fluid and start to run. It’s a good idea to avoid cream based makeup where you can as well, because that will do the same.

9. Use blotting sheets

When you sweat during the day, or your face gets a bit oily, don’t make the mistake that many people make and try to cover up the shine with more makeup. If you apply powder over the top of running makeup, it will only make it look worse. Instead, gently blot your face with a blotting sheet to remove excess moisture. It will remove shine without disturbing your makeup.

10. Use a facial mist

Finally, a quick spritz with a facial spray will keep you and your makeup cool during the day. You don’t need to use a lot, just a very fine spray will make you feel cool and refreshed and it will stop your makeup overheating and melting. You can buy facial mists in stores, or you could just use something as simple as rosewater.

What are your favorite makeup and beauty tips for hot weather?

Stay beautiful!

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