Long hairstyles that look gorgeous on older women


Staying on trend becomes tricky as we get older. I love the look of a cold shoulder sweater with ripped jeans, but how old is too old to pull it off? Never has this dilemma been so confusing as when it comes to the hair salon.

Many of us have written off long hair as something we had to say goodbye to in our 20s and 30s, but what if we were wrong? What if long hair didn’t have an expiration date? I spoke with some leading hairdressers to find the perfect long hair styles for older women. Each style is simple, chic, and timeless.

Layered long bob

A long bob or “lob” is flattering on just about everyone. I love this style, because it looks stylish and chic, but you can still throw it in a ponytail if need be.

“Bobs are great, but lobs are even better. This hairstyle will work best on those with a heart-shaped or square-shaped face, and a long neckline doesn’t hurt either,” Editorial Fashion Hair Expert Diana Gallegos told me. “The layered long bob is beautiful and adds a sense of ‘fullness’ to your hair. Try adding in side swept tresses with softer ends for a long and sexy bob.”

Many women lose hair fullness as they age, so sticking with a layered bob can amp up the volume again.

Add a splash of color

A fresh change to your hair always takes years off your face. Keeping your hairstyle updated is crucial to prevent it from aging you. An easy way to try out a new look is with color. This is a fast way to freshen everything up.

“It does not matter which hairstyle you choose; hairstyles for older women are very versatile,” Hairdresser Andrea McCoy wrote on LinkedIn. “Some women will even choose to add a splash of color to their new look. Highlights can also be a great way to incorporate color and low lights help give the illusion of thickness to thinning hair.”

Adding in highlights and low lights brings a new dimension to your locks and keeps them looking thick and lustrous.

Medium length fullness

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