Achieve the Angelina Jolie look, use a mild, gentle tones of pink on the face, and brown eyes.

Achieve endearing and memorable appearance as it had Angelina Jolie to promote her new movie Maleficent.

For the make-up you need:

Liquid foundation, loose powder, blush, black or dark brown eyeliner, mascara or eyelash inserts, 3 shades of brown eye shadows and the light beige until hazel, flesh-colored lipstick or soft, pastel pink.


1. Substrate: It includes concealer, liquid foundation and loose powder.

2.Eyes: lightest shade thicker brush, apply to the entire eyelid and the area under the eyebrow. Then apply a medium-light to mid eyelid starting from the end of the eye, the eyelashes, and the darkest shade, apply only to the end of the eye along the edge of the lashes and blend it short strokes toward the center of the eyelid. Finally, apply eyeliner from the middle of the eye towards the end so the line in the middle of a very thin and begins to spread towards the end.

3. Mascara: Mascara is applied in two or three layers, depends for which occasion the makeup is used. The more layers the effect is stronger.

4. Blush: Blush is applied to the back and it’s crown of high quality make-up. If you are not sure which color blush best fits on your face, choose dark pink shades because with them you can’t be wrong.



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