Malia and Sasha Obama were little girls when their dad was elected to be the 44th president of the United States. Barack Obama was first a state senator in Illinois, then was elected to be a U.S. senator representing the state of Illinois, and then became the Democratic party nominee for president in 2008. Their mother Michelle has, among other things, been considered an influential fashion icon for many years.

The girls, for much of their father’s time in office, were young and their fashion and style expertise really wasn’t much of a consideration. They’ve grown up, however, and especially since leaving the White House in January 2017, they’ve shown off their flawless fashion and will surely continue to flaunt their individual senses of style — no longer in the immediate public eye — for many years to come.

Returning from vacation in Hawaii

While they weren’t technically out of the White House yet, the Obama family went to Hawaii over the winter holidays during their final vacation in the White House and returned to Washington D.C. after the New Year. While some choose to travel in their athleisure finest, Sasha and Malia still managed to be somewhat fashionable, even while traveling such a long distance.

Malia stepped off the plane in an all-black, comfortable outfit with great shoes and a maroon coat, her hair pulled back into a slightly-messy ponytail, elevated with a twist on the side of her head. Sasha wore a fleece-lined denim jacket over her outfit with trendy, black-framed glasses. Sasha pulled her hair only partially back, but, like her older sister, had a twist on the side of her head. Fashionable after a long flight, that’s the dream.

Malia leaving for Chicago

You already know that Sasha and Malia look flawless when traveling, but Malia’s outfit while traveling to Chicago to attend her father’s last major speech as president was definitely a standout. She wore her elegant black and white dress, black ankle boots and sheer black tights that she’d be wearing to the speech later that night, but she topped it off with a gorgeous camel-colored coat, a rich brown leather travel bag, and a structured black handbag.

According to Teen Vogue, her camel coat is from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Channel Malia’s keen sense of style this fall and winter by pairing camel and black for a timeless look.

Malia at the Chicago farewell address

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