We all know how great celebrities look in highly edited photos, but the real test is how good they look on the red carpet and on their social media. A picture is worth a thousand likes and a snapshot is never just a snapshot.

Whether it’s nailing the best pose, an app to edit, finding great lighting, or just applying the right makeup, a good photo can take a lot of work before, during, and after it is taken. So how do celebs look their most photogenic? Read on to discover the best tips, tricks and ideas.

Light your best angles

Television personality and celebrity stylist Ali Levine is known for taking amazing selfies. She even has a lighting kit set up in her living room to make sure all of her shots are perfectly lit. She told me, “When you are taking a selfie, always be aware of the lights around you. Position yourself away from the natural lighting of the room. Get a lighting kit and also a ring light because having just two lights can cause harsh shadowing and contrast. It doesn’t have to break the bank. You should invest in the ring light the most.” She added, “Make sure your ring light is large enough. The light needs to hit your entire face. You want the ring light to balance out and give you a natural glow.”

But, perfect lighting isn’t the whole story. “Know your best angles,” Levine says. “Stand wherever you take pictures…Find where the light is coming in the best, where it is not reflecting, or giving you a shadow. You have to know your own angles. Know which side you are trying to shoot from. You have to experiment and shoot lots of pictures. Only you can determine how you look best.”

Use an editing app

Reality star and celeb hairstylist Anthony Pazos believes you have to attack your photo from a variety of angles to get just the right one. Like Levine, he also recommends good lighting, saying a portable ring light is a must.

While there are lots of ring lights on the market, one of the most popular and affordable choices is the Diva Ring. According to Racked, in the past, ring lights were used strictly by professional photographers and videographers, but most of the people who are buying this equipment today are vloggers.

Pazos also suggests downloading the Facetune app, but to be careful not to overdo it. “Never overture your photos,” he says, “An adjustment here and there makes your photos look flawless.” But, even if you have the best lighting and editing, you still need a good base, so Pazos suggests learning how to be your own makeup artist, especially regarding highlighting and contouring. Not sure how to do this? His tutorials are a great place to start.

Go natural

Actress-model, Caitlin O’Connor doesn’t use any special apps to edit her photos. Instead, she relies on good old-fashioned natural lighting and Instagram filters to achieve her signature look. “For my photos on Instagram, I use a combo of filters and good lighting. I adjust the contrast and colors for each photo,” she told me. “I use white natural light at a window or shaded areas outside. I use the highest resolution photos that I can find. When taking a selfie in the mirror I angle the camera down so that my waist looks smaller.”

O’Connor confessed that she isn’t afraid to ask her friends for help, if need be, “When taking a booty shot or outfit photo, I have somebody kneel down and aim upward with the camera.” Even if you don’t have other people around to get the right angle, she recommends “[taking] a few options of each photo so you can pick the best one!”

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