Ways drinking alcohol affects your looks


While the media has linked sipping on a pretty pink cocktail garnished with a lovely fruit accent to a lavish lifestyle, hang on to your drink: it’s actually doing more harm than you might think.

For many years, experts have been arguing about the benefits and risks of consuming these fermented and distilled beverages. While drinking moderately may not have a large number of immediate disadvantages, over time you’ll start to notice them — especially when you look in the mirror. According to the Institute of Alcohol Studies, consuming larger amounts of alcohol can cause more than 60 different health issues and hundreds of physical conditions.

These potential problems may make you realize you should cut back on the drinking.

Aging before you’re ready to

“Alcohol is actually one of the worst, most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin,” New York nutritionist Jairo Rodriguez told Vogue. “I always joke with my patients, ‘If you want to get older, go ahead and drink!'”

There’s no question that excessive drinking causes your body to become dehydrated. You go out drinking at night and wake up the next morning praying there’s a refreshing glass of water next to your bed due to the fact that the alcohol has slowed down the process of an anti-diuretic hormone called vasopressin. This causes your kidneys to work twice as hard to counteract the excess fluid, which then will cause your organs to become dehydrated.

Your skin, which is the largest organ of the body, will start to show when you’ve been leaving your body severely dehydrated too often. Instead of being soft and hydrated, your skin will begin to look cracked and wrinkled. This will leave others thinking you may be older than you actually are.

Losing your luscious locks

Dehydration doesn’t only affect your skin, but your hair as well. Cracked, brittle hair will break easier and create split ends. There are different products to combat split ends and dry hair, but what if you knew that drinking too much too often could leave you less hair to try and fix?

Consuming large amounts of alcohol is linked to zinc deficiency. According to the National Institutes of Health, approximately 30–50 percent of alcoholics have low zinc, which can cause hair loss. Other contributing factors to hair loss that come from consuming too much alcohol are lower levels of vitamin B and C and higher levels of estrogen, according to The Alcoholism Guide.

Redness doesn’t just mean you’re drunk

Consuming alcohol can cause redness in your face, but it isn’t because your skin is trying to mimic the pretty pink cocktails. It’s a skin condition called rosacea, and, believe it or not, it can cause permanent damage. “Excess alcohol also alters blood flow to the skin, leaving an unhealthy appearance for days. This is because alcohol causes small blood vessels in the skin to widen, allowing more blood to flow close to the surface,” Dr. Nicolas Perricone, MD stated in an a discussion on his anti-aging skincare website. This will sometimes cause the blood vessels on your face to burst and the capillaries to break.

Not only can your face become red, but the blood vessels in your eyes can become irritated. If that doesn’t bother you, maybe this will: bloodshot eyes are just the beginning. Binge drinking can lead to blindness, also known as optic neuropathy or toxic amblyopia. What happens is alcohol can eventually slow down how quickly your pupils respond and the communication between your eyes and your brain.

Can’t beat the bloat

Three hours into the night and that tight red dress seems like its main focus is your gut. This is because when the body is deprived of fluids and electrolytes, it will then store the water you drink and eat. The more alcohol you drink, the more you’ll need to go to the bathroom. You may also notice you’re sweating more. When certain fluids aren’t replaced, your body compensates by retaining the water it still has. It’s not only your gut that will look puffy. Your feet, hands, face, and many other places could be affected.

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