Welp, Eyebrow Wigs Are Now a Thing


My, how the times change. One second we’re overplucking until we have a single row of hairs à la 1995 Drew Barrymore, and the next we’re furiously filling in and avoiding our tweezers until we’ve reached furry caterpillar status. But the latest Instagram-fueled arch trend came as a surprise, even to to us. World, meet eyebrow wigs.

What are they? Eyebrow wigs are adhesive strips of hair designed to mimic real brows. They can be used to hide an over-tweezed disaster, for those who’ve experienced hair loss or as another way to fill in natural brows. They’re also total Instagram gold since they make your arches as photograph-worthy as Cara Delevingne’s luscious face-framers.

How do you use them? The faux brows can be applied using adhesive glue (just like false lashes), then trimmed or filled in for the desired shape, shade and thickness.

And how much do they cost? They’ll set you back anywhere from $20 to $100 a set, depending on the brand.

So, should I be adding them to my beauty regimen? We’re gonna stick to our trusty tweezers and maybe a brow gel if we’re feeling fancy. But, hey, you do you. (Just don’t get all weird if one flies off your face on a windy day…there are way worse beauty blunders in our book.)

source: https://www.purewow.com/



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