Don’t get caught wearing your scarf the same way every day this winter. Here are 11 different ways to wear a scarf and switch things up. Come along as we show you the different ways to wear a scarf and stay fashionable this winter!

1. Square Blanket Scarf

We have this scarf. It’s the most basic and versatile scarf anyone can have. That’s why it’s a blanket scarf cause it can be your blanket or your scarf.

2. The Muffler

Probably one of the most fashionable way to tie your scarf is the muffler way. It’s simple yet very cute.

3. Long Scarfs

This diagram covers our 4th to 7th tutorial. Got long scarf? Here are different ways you can tie them!

4. The Bow

If you want to be unique and stylish, the bow is a new different way you can tie your long scarf. Try it! It’s pretty simple!

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