7 Different Ways To Wear a Scarf this Winter


7 Different Ways To Wear a Scarf this Winter

Social distancing is the time and tested way to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus. In case you need to go out of the house, you must always cover your face to prevent yourself from the Covid-19 pandemic. You need not buy surgical masks or N-95 respirators to cover your face you can simply use a scarf as a face mask A cloth mask will help you to avoid touching your face and infecting yourself while you are outside your home.

Scarf is the best way to make your own facemask with ease. Scarves are available in a variety of prints, styles, and embellishments, which are easily available and can be used to colour coordinate with your outfit.

It is time to style your scarves differently as a face covering. Well, you can try these three different styles of wearing a scarf. These styles will make your daily look stylish effortlessly.

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